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I have forgotten where I got the music for this background music, but if you are the copyright owner, email me via the link in the left sidebar. If you don't hear any music, it could be due to various reasons including the music being taken off the line (I haven't have time yet to host my own music), Apple Quicktime not installed, etc., or just your computer playing tricks on you. When I earlier visited this site, there were no background music, but after editing this, and then refreshing the page, the music started playing for a few seconds and then stopped. Why I don't know. I hope visitors to this blog will give feedback of their experience by leaving a comment

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why invisble music player for this blog?

This blog is specially created to demonstrate how to add background music to your blog with an invisible music player. Make sure you have your speakers turned on. Of course, only if you at not visiting this blog in the middle of the night when others are sleeping, surfing at a public library, having a sleeping baby by your side, etc.

For instructions, refer to How to install an invisible music player and why you should not do it.

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Khaw Jing-Huan said...

what song is it? i love it

Brent said...

This prompts me to install apple plugin in firefox but gives me only the option to manually install it. I refuse to because I use quicktime alternative and by installing the real quicktime it messes this up. Like real player, it has all kinds of extra stuff and integrates to much. there is a real alternative to real player also but I seldon come across anything real player anymore.

Jennifer S Fowler said...

i can't hear the song, with my speakers on (duh) and neither can I get it to play on mine. I've tried multiple times on multiple days. I've been adding this to an HTML page element in my layout with your html:

Maybe there is a missing element for some of us out here in the www.

Blas Torillo said...

Hi Peter...

Maybe you have the solution to my problem. I've a blog named Educ-ando, and somehow I don't know yesterday, when I opened it, it has music!

I didn't handle the html conf, so I don't know what happened.

My question is How do I cancel, erase, take it from my blog.

Hope you can help me.

By the way, the music here is great.


aboutgaurav said...

i use google chrome as browser and have download accelerator plus as default download manager and when your site loads then i'm prompted with download window in dap and only after downloading the music i can hear it in windows media player. can't the music load without downloading it??? I'm waiting your answer!!!

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